Ali Pictures Presents an Off Broadway Musical “The Church…… A Hopital”

When is the last time something was so theatrical, you were moved to tears?
When is the last time you laughed till your jaws ached?
When is the last time you praised so much, you wished Heaven came down to earth or you were taken up…?

Written & Directed by John A. Andrews, the creator of Rude Buay & The Whodunit Chronicles presents an Off Broadway Musical

                                                     The Church…..A Hospital?

Heaven plays “Holly Harris”  the youngest member of the Harris Family. Her parents Daniel Harris & Sis. Harris, siblings Megan and George all attends Church together. Holly and her family thinks the members of the church are hypocrites.
After an outburst in the church about Brother Harris impregnating another woman and Pricilla having an affair. The entire family left the church. Brother Harris and Holly never went back to the church.

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