Heaven Rhamdas Biography

Heaven Rhamdas is a natural and talented child actor with immense acting skills and abilities to play comedy, and serious roles. Excellent memory with flawless skills in delivering dialogues without missing any lines. At 9 years old, she holds enough experience of appearing in commercials, TV shows and Film. Moreover, can play a lead and supporting role according to the demand of the script.

Hi! I'm Heaven Rhamdas

Actress   •   Dancer   •   Model



A film about two siblings confronted with sacrifice on the longest day of the year

Created by: Anna Pollack


Briarpatch is a film that takes place not directly after life throws you a wildcard, but rather a little further down the line. The film takes place a couple months later, when you think you have adjusted to a new routine, but the pressure of everyday life finally catches up to you.

The film follows Marcus and his younger sister Ashley on the longest day of the year, the summer solstice, just a couple months after their mother has passed away. Marcus has since left college and returned home to put his dreams on the backburner to support his family. At only 19, he is already trapped in the early morning, long night grind of delivering packages. Ashley, fresh from her junior year of high school, is only concerned with spending the summer with her friends.

When Marcus is given a more lucrative opportunity from some old friends, he is forced to confront just how much he can sacrifice for his family. Ashley, on the other hand gets a reality check when Heaven- a young girl with an absent mother who recently moved into the neighborhood- enters her life.

Both brother and sister have a rude awakening when confronted with responsibility, sacrifice and maturity.